Con-Belt Steel & Piano Hinged Conveyor Belting is ideal for moving a wide range of materials safely and efficiently. This category of belting is reliable when moving materials under demanding conditions such as heat, impact and abrasion. Welded side wings prevent jamming and keep material away from chains, reducing wear and tear on conveyor parts.

Highlights of Con-Belt’s Steel & Piano Hinged Belting include: precision die formed hinge pan, welded side wings, rugged chain construction, up to 25,000 lb. belt pull, sintered steel rollers, and widths up to 120″ in 3″ increments. Some of the modifications we offer include Pimpled Pans, Perforated Pans, Bar Cleats, Angle Cleats, Flanged Rollers, Needle Bearings and Threaded Pins.

Our Steel & Piano Hinged Conveyor Belts are compatible and interchangeable with most major manufacturer’s equipment. If you don’t see what you need, we can customize any belt to your exact specifications.

For more information call Con-Belt at 1 -800-700-BELT(2358).

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